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Stanford was founded almost 150 years ago on a bedrock of societal purpose. Our mission is to contribute to the world by educating students for lives of leadership and contribution with integrity; advancing fundamental knowledge and cultivating creativity; leading in pioneering research for effective clinical therapies; and accelerating solutions and amplifying their impact.

We offer intensive, one and two-day drone university courses

covering everything from basic drone concepts (FAA Part 107) to advanced aerial photography, GIS/Mapping programs. Our courses are offered in 50 different cities making it convenient to get the education you want. Don’t waste time with inferior video only products when you can learn hands-on, from the best in the industry. At Drone Universities, we guarantee you will pass your FAA Part 107 exam

Why We Are Different

FAA Certified Part 107 Commercial UAS Pilots

Career Oriented Course Offering

100% FAA Compliant Curriculum

Training Available 7 Days a Week

Industry Leading Student/Teacher Ratio

Career Placement Services

More Class Locations and Dates

Educational Grants

FAA Certified Flight Instructors and Part 107 Training Preparation

150+ years of Aviation and UAS Experience

We Are Passionate About Providing You With The Best Professional Drone Pilot Preparation

Have you considered implementing a drone strategy? If you haven’t, then it may be time to reconsider. Drones unlock limitless possibilities by leveraging state-of-the-art flight control systems and imaging technologies, and for many industries, their ROI has already been proven.

Drone Universities, a recognized leader in commercial drone training for over three years, offers cost-effective, comprehensive, hands-on UAS training. Taught by our elite team of FAA Certified Flight Instructors, UAS Experts and Commercial Pilots, our courses are designed to prepare you or your employees for certification; FAA Part 107 and beyond.

Expert-level drone pilots didn’t stop their training at FAA Part 107, and Drone Universities doesn’t either; we offer multiple careers specific skill training courses designed to complement our core training and take your skills to the next level.

Train with us at our 50 different training locations nationwide, or let us bring the training to your office or location of your choice (FAA restrictions may apply). Our experts can train nearly anywhere in America.

Beginning and advanced classes are available. Course registration is now open.

Training anywhere in US
7 days a week

We offer drone training courses for beginners and advanced pilots. Our hands-on training will prepare you for a career in the quickly evolving drone industry. Our students learn hard skills that can be used commercially and are prepared for FAA testing (Part 107) and certifications. Beginning students learn about various aerial vehicles along with programming, unique flight characteristics, proper airmanship in our “Introduction to Drones” course. Advanced students can learn aerial photography techniques in “Drone Photography/Videography,” or learn mapping skills in “Drone GIS/Mapping.”

Certified Flight Instructors

Our students can feel confident they are receiving the best education possible, because our courses are taught by top-level industry professionals. Our Ground School portion is taught by FAA CFI’s (Certified Flight Instructors), FAA AGI’s (Advanced Ground Instructors) and FAA Part 107 UAS Certified Pilots. Our Director of Training is an FAA Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) with over 38-years aviation experience, including naval, corporate, and airline aviation under 14 CFR, parts 121 and 135 scheduled and non-scheduled operations, flying both passenger and jet fighter aircraft.

Further Opportunities

It is estimated that the drone industry will create 100,000 jobs and contribute US $82bn to the US economy in the next decade; 70% will occur in the first three years. New drone-related companies are being created each day; in 2014, 111 million dollars were invested in new drone startup companies, in 2015 that number jumped to 450 million dollars. Sectors with high demand will be agriculture, film, aerial photography/videography, search and rescue, law enforcement and structure inspection. Drone Universities offers help with job and career placement services for all of our graduates.

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Offering Commercial Drone and FAA Part 107 UAS Training in a City Near You. FAA Compliant Curriculum Taught by FAA Certified Flight Instructors. Developed by Pilots for Pilots.

Drone Universities sets itself apart with over 150 years of combined aviation and UAS experience among its instructors. We are passionate about providing top-tier professional drone pilot preparation, underlined by our Section 333 Exemption and a 100% FAA Compliant Curriculum. Our training is hands-on, led by FAA Certified Flight Instructors and Part 107 UAS Pilots.

Yes, our courses are taught by an elite team comprising FAA Certified Flight Instructors, UAS Experts, and Commercial Pilots. Our Director of Training is an FAA Certified Flight Instructor with more than 38 years of aviation experience across naval, corporate, and airline aviation.

We offer a wide range of courses from beginner to advanced levels, including career-specific skill training to complement our core training. Our aim is to prepare students for FAA Part 107 certification and beyond, with courses in aerial photography, drone GIS/mapping, and more.