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We are Section 333 Exempt. Exemption No. 13350, Regulatory Docket No. FAA-2015-3102. Be at the cutting edge of technology and innovation by keeping up with the industry of tomorrow. It is estimated that the drone industry will create 100,000 jobs and contribute US $82 billion to the US economy in the next decade; 70% will occur in the first three years. Now, with the recent FAA decision to began approving commercial drone applications they have created immediate employment opportunities. Learn the skills today that you will need to profit in this emerging commercial market.

The Drone Universities program provides a comprehensive training designed to help you pass the part 107 Airman’s knowledge exam, which is an important part of becoming a Pilot in Command or PIC. At Drone Universities, we help you prepare for today for the safe operation of UAS in the National Airspace System. We also provide our students with free refresher courses to help keep your skills and knowledge current.
Our comprehensive program teaches you everything to know to get started in the drone industry. With an emphasis on hands-on practical training provided by some of the industry’s best pilots, our curriculum is designed to fast track our students into working drone professionals. We teach our students about different flight systems, various types of UAV’s used in the industry, regulations, safety, 107 test preparation and what it takes to be a professional drone pilot. Our goal is to help you master the basics, understand what to expect on the job, ask questions and interact with working professionals while learning safety procedures and most of all, eventually build your own drone business.
Beginning and advanced classes are available. Course registration is now open. Enroll today and receive a free DJI Phantom.

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Student Testimonials

I am so glad that I took the course with Drone Universities. It opened my eyes to so many potential things that I had never even thought of. I had so many questions before taking the course and would spend countless hours online trying to find the answers but there was so much misinformation out there. Drone Universities answered all of my questions in an informative and comprehensive manner. The instructors were very knowledgeable and personable. I enjoyed the classroom instruction as well as the hands on experience. When I first started the course I could barely fly a drone. By the end of the second day I was confident enough to take my new drone home and fly solo. I think that anyone interested in flying drones, even as a hobbyist, should take this course to learn the safe practices and regulations. Safety is the key to success!
Melissa M, Todd Stanley Productions and Ridgeline Entertainment
I received a DJI Phantom 3 this past Christmas and as a new drone owner, I had no idea where to start. I knew I needed to register my drone, but that’s about it. That’s why I enrolled in Drone Universities drone safety course. Not only did I learn how to fly my drone safely, I now understand basic drone law. Thanks to Drone Universities, I’m now registered/compliant with the FAA and I’m confident when I fly my DJI Phantom.

I’d had a great experience and strongly recommend Drone Universities.

Isaac E, New Drone Owner/Drone Hobbyist
I had the opportunity to attend the 2-day training of Introduction to Drones at Drone Universities, after attending a single day training from another drone school. I can vouch for the good quality of training provided by their team. The training was highly ethical and the trainers were flexible with our needs. I recommend them for 3 reasons:

  1. They focus on making you a good pilot with deeper theoretical and practical knowledge
  2. They are real pilots. Each instructor taught course content with insights from personal experiences
  3. They teach with passion and want you to be successful

I plan to attend their advanced level courses in the near future.  They may not be cheapest but the quality speaks for itself. I admire their passion and sincerely wish them success.

Omair H, Fortune 100 IT Solutions Architect
Having taken Drone Universities course Intro to Drones, I realize it was the best investment I made. Not only do you learn the basics of this industry, you are also given a chance to learn to fly them! Not many programs out there that I have taken give you this option; I’ve tried others. The staff was extremely knowledgeable and friendly. I strongly recommend them!
Jess G, Aspiring Drone Operator
I recently attended “Introduction to drones” offered by Drone Universities. The class was taught by several instructors who were experts in their domains. Their knowledge, experience and expertise spoke for itself. The focus of the class was on how to be a good pilot by having the best ethics, related knowledge and professionalism. One thing that impressed me the most was the emphasis on actually learning how to fly a drone without, and without always needing technology as an aid.

The class overall was an excellent experience and I am planning to attend more classes from Drone Universities.

Faisal O, Software Engineer/Drone Hobbyist
The GIS application was very amazing. I was able to identify additional opportunities for providing solutions to clients in mining and cement manufacturing. … The cinematography course was superb.
Mamoud A, Drone Hobbyist
Very good and informative class. Glad I signed up for it. … Instructors were terrific. So much info to learn in one day.
Tyler H, Drone Enthusiast
As a professional in my field, it is easy to recognize expertise in others. We had access to 3 experts in this class that added a depth of experience and background that made this training invaluable.
Russell H, President, Public Sector Partners
Certainly an excellent forum for evaluating the emerging drone industry and how to proceed from a commercial viewpoint, along with making a strategic alliance.
Rob B, Geografx Digital Mapping Services Canada
The Team at Drone Universities are very knowledgeable in all aspects regarding industry regulations as well as professional applications. A great course to gain further insight and practical operations. Thanks!
Ken K, Drone Enthusiast
Instructors are great and knowledgeable, and have real interest in teaching to fly safely and improve the drone industry.
Alberto O, M.D. Adjunct Professor
The teachers were very good with explaining the topics and answering my questions! I would suggest this course to anyone that is interested in this field.
Marshall M , FAA Part 107 Commercial Drone Pilot
From being a novice, I went back with complete understanding of safety standards and business applications for using drones.
Tiger Ramesh, International Commercial Drone Operator, Bangalore, India

Why are We Different?

We are proudly a Section 333 Exempt business. Exemption Number: 13350, Regulatory Docket Number: FAA-2015-3102.
Ask questions and interact with industry professionals. Our FAA Certified Flight Instructors and FAA Part 107 certified UAS pilots have over 150 years of combined aviation experience.
We work with Drone industry experts to create multiple courses that are designed to prepare you with real world knowledge using the latest technology available. You can learn more by visiting Course Information.
Our curriculum is designed to help you pass the FAA Part 107 Knowledge test  as well as become a competent Remote Pilot in Command. We want our students to not only pass the FAA 107 test but excel in flying drones and have a solid foundation in proper Airmanship.
In our two-day course students will be confident they will have the personal attention they need to maximize their education. With the highest student-teacher ratio in the industry, students always get more individual attention they need as well as an opportunity to ask questions and interact with working UAS professionals.
All graduates of Drone Universities receive our help with job/career placement services. Thanks to these services, our students will be positioned to start generating income with some time and effort.
Drone Universities offers personalized and group training 7 days a week across America. Contact us to schedule a training in your area  [email protected] or take a course with us in over 50 different locations across the United States.
At Drone Universities, we understand becoming a drone operator can be expensive. That’s why we’ve introduced “Educational Grants.” If you are serious about your drone education and commit by enrolling in at least two courses, then you automatically qualify. Enroll in two of our courses (Introduction to Drones and any specialty course), we will provide a $150 grant. Enroll in three of our courses (Introduction to Drones and any two specialty courses), we will provide a $300 grant.
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Hands-On Training

We offer courses for both beginners and advanced pilots. Our hands-on training will prepare you for a career in the emerging drone industry. Students learn about various aerial vehicles along with programming, unique flight characteristics, proper airmanship in our “Introduction to Drones” course. Advanced students can learn aerial photography techniques in “Drone Photography/Videography,” or learn mapping skills in “Drone GIS/Mapping.”


FAA Certified Flight Instructors and part 107 UAS pilots

Our students can feel confident they are receiving the best education possible, because our courses are taught by top-level industry professionals. Our Ground School portion is taught by actual FAA CFI’s (Certified Flight Instructors), FAA AGI’s (Advanced Ground Instructors) and part 107 UAS certified pilots. Our lead Director of Training has over 38 years aviation experience encompassing Naval, corporate, and airline aviation under 14 CFR, parts 121 and 135 scheduled and nonscheduled operations in both passenger and jet fighter aircraft as well as being an FAA Certified Flight Instructor (CFI).


Career Opportunities

It is estimated that the drone industry will create 100,000 jobs and contribute US $82bn to the US economy in the next decade; 70% will occur in the first three years. New drone-related companies are being created each day, in 2014, $108 million dollars was invested in new drone startup companies. Sectors with high demand will be agriculture, film, aerial photography/videography, search and rescue, law enforcement and structure inspection. Drone Universities offers help with job and career placement services for all of our graduates.

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