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Drone Registration Is Back, Thank You Donald Trump

Gavel and Law Books If you haven't heard yet, it's true. Effective December 21st, 2015, all Unmanned Aircraft Systems (Drones) are required to be registered with the FAA (again). That means you will have to register your drone if you want to fly it outside, anytime, anywhere; even for non-commercial use. The silver lining [...]

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Holiday Drone Gift Guide: Drones For Everyone

White drone hovering in a bright blue sky With the holidays fast approaching, it seems like everyone is searching for the perfect gift. for many, drones are on the top of their list. The good news is, it seems everyone is compiling their favorites for you into various gift giving guides and lists. [...]

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JPL Races New A.I. Piloted Drones Against Drone Racing League Pilot

JPL Logo, Credit: NASA/JPL Artificial Intelligence is disruptive, easily as disruptive as drones (if not more), so when you combine the two you really get something amazing. And that's exactly what happened, thanks to funding from Google and two years of hard work by a NASA JPL team. Combining the two, the JPL [...]

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New Indian HAPS Drone Announced After Recent Drone Incursion Into China

Indian navy UAV Heron, Credit: Wikimedia Commons Normally I try to avoid writing stories about military drone use, generally speaking there are negative undertones that are hard to avoid, however in this case I have to make an exception. Why? For two reasons, first, some of the drone technology in question is pretty [...]

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AT&T Restores Cell Service in Puerto Rico with “Flying COW” Drone

In Puerto Rico, thanks to fast-track approval given buy the FAA, drones are now part of the recovery effort. Specifically drones are being used to restore voice, data and Internet services to the entire island. A great example of this is the AT&T "Flying COW" (Cell on Wings). The deployment of the "Flying COW" in Puerto Rico is unique because it's the first time a drone has been successfully used to connect residents to services post disaster. The project has been hugely successful too; AT&T is reporting 80% of Puerto Rico's cell customers now have service (up from 63%).

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Drone Collides with Passenger Aircraft, and Other Near Misses

Drones are exciting and fun to fly, and that's a big part of the reason that people forget the dangers consumer drones can pose. I'm not talking about personal injury in this case, but rather the very real danger that drones can pose to other aircraft. Previous articles I've written on subject have been more positive, and while I wish I could continue that trend, it seems that the facts no longer support it. After a documented collision and numerous near misses this is a safety issue that we must be aware of, and as a community address.

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Drone Events, Expos and Museum Days are Becoming More Popular

Drone events, expos and museum days are being ever more commonplace. Events like the recent Drone Day at the New Jersey Liberty Science Center and the Drone Expo 2017 at the Strategic Air Command and Aerospace Museum in Nebraska. This is great news for the commercial drone operator and hobby operator alike. These events are a great way to expose yourself to new drone technology and to participate in your local drone community.

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Congress Quietly Set to Reinstitute the Drone Registry

It looks like Congress is about to make a decision that will most likely not be very popular amongst recreational drone operators. It wasn't too long ago that the FAA instituted a drone registration that required all operators, recreational and commercial alike. However, that position changed to only requiring commercial registration, now it looks like the registration rules will be changing yet again. Many will consider this a very surprising move when you consider that after the FAA, after collecting over $4 million dollars in registration fees, was forced to issue refunds. 

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Discovering Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs) with Drones

While operating his drone near the York River in Virginia, Donglai Gong accidentally found a harmful algal bloom or HAB. Donglai, an assistant professor at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science in Gloucester Point, was curious and took some photos. This random event quickly led to something larger, the involvement of NASA. Drones are the next evolutionary step in HAB detection; that's why they are being used by NASA in and outside of the Virginia area.

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Drone Captures Video Of A Surfer, 13, Rescuing A Boat Passenger

Kevin Cadby, a drone operator in Jupiter, Florida, recently used his drone to capture some amazing video, video of an impromptu rescue. It was just coincidence, but Cadby used his drone to record a brave 13-year-old surfer named Sam Ruskin saving a life. The scene seemed normal at first but quickly turned as he watched the boat toppling into the Jupiter Inlet. Luckily for the boat passenger, Sam was there.

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