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Drone Photography & Videography Course

Elevate Your Creativity in Just One Day

Our Drone Photography/Videography course is your gateway to capturing breathtaking aerial footage. This intensive one-day program, taught by industry professionals, provides the advanced skills and techniques you need to create stunning visuals for top-tier clients like Discovery Channel and National Geographic.

Why Choose Our Course?

Expert Instruction

Learn from seasoned professionals who work with major clients and have extensive real-world experience in drone photography and videography.

Hands-On Training

Practice specific moves and techniques used on professional sets, receiving real-time feedback from our experienced staff.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Our program is built on years of industry experience, combining advanced techniques with essential knowledge and situational awareness.

What You'll Learn

Advanced Aerial Photography/Videography

Master the art of capturing high-quality aerial footage, focusing on composition, lighting, and motion.

Professional Techniques

Practice industry-standard moves and techniques that are used in high-end productions.

Real-Time Feedback

Benefit from immediate, constructive feedback from our experienced instructors to refine your skills on the spot.

Client-Ready Skills

Develop the expertise to produce professional-grade work that meets the standards of leading clients in the industry.

Ready to Take Off?

Join us at Drone Universities and take the first step towards becoming a certified drone pilot. Our Introduction to Drones course provides you with the essential skills and knowledge to pass the FAA Part 107 Knowledge Test and succeed in the drone industry.